LeAndra Jordan, MBA

Speaker Bio

LeAndra Jordan stands as a paragon of innovation and lifelong learning, weaving her deep appreciation for cultural diversity into every facet of her work. Living by the mantra "If you're not learning, you're not living," LeAndra has consistently driven projects at the intersection of technology and personal passion, leading to groundbreaking developments. Her role at Microsoft, highlighted by her initiation of the Rise and Shine program and leadership at The Garage, has significantly impacted the organization, showcasing her ability to merge innovative thinking with practical application.

Beyond Microsoft, LeAndra's visionary leadership extends to her ambition for Atlanta. She envisions it as the South's leading tech hub, a beacon of collective motivation and community-driven innovation. This vision is rooted in her extensive academic and professional background, including an MBA, a BA in Business Information Systems, and various Microsoft Certifications, all contributing to her broad understanding of technology's potential for societal advancement.

In Atlanta, leading The Garage, LeAndra has redefined innovation leadership. She skillfully organizes hackathons, creating platforms for visionaries and scholars to collaborate on complex challenges. These initiatives foster creative problem-solving and demonstrate her commitment to nurturing diverse talent, furthering her belief in the power of inclusive and equitable environments.

LeAndra's dedication to diversity and inclusion resonates through her mentorship of the next generation of tech leaders and her expansion of opportunities for underrepresented groups in the tech community. Her influence in technology education extends through collaborations with entities like the Obama Foundation and the Ludacris Foundation. Together, they blend technology with education and social responsibility, notably through initiatives like Project SWISH, which delivers technology and inspiration to students in urban centers.

Recognized for her ability to bridge technology with community needs, LeAndra has played a pivotal role in events like the Nation Builders Innovation Summit and the Ludacris Foundation Program Series. Her work showcases the transformative power of technology and aligns with her advocacy for an inclusive work environment. Her initiatives have significantly enhanced Microsoft's standing as an exceptional workplace, reflecting her engagement in Employee Resource Groups and her unwavering commitment to creating a supportive and intellectually stimulating atmosphere.